Welcome to The Highway Safety Group

Our clients are government entities, developers, fleets, dealers, up–fitters, specialty vehicle and equipment manufacturers, owner operators, motorists as well as individual citizens wishing to advance highway safety, flow and productivity.

Announcing Lumeway's Internally Illuminated Roadway Markers

Road Markers: LRM001™ internally illuminated solar powered road marker made in America. Target life 7 years with versions for extreme weather, both hot and cold. Featuring much larger illuminated field giving significantly great target identification at distance and on curves.

Using technology and improved practices the Highway Safety Group aspires to offer products, services and solutions that improve guidance, driver safety, reduce operating cost, fatigue and turn heretofore unpreventable accidents into preventable ones, while at the same time reducing our environmental and carbon footprint, improving traffic flow, productivity, and the general welfare of all of our citizens. too.

Can emperically based best practices and traffic management plans, increased roadway guidance, enhanced advance warning and mitigation for hazards, driver aids and optimized see and be seen lighting and vision systems really improve safety? Absolutely!

Further, we were a charter member of the "Best Highway Safety Practices Institute". A 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to assuring that highway safety policies and practices are based solely on emperical data and vetted best practices.